New Features: Contacts, Multiple Email Recipients, and Estimate/Invoice Titles

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Jared King

It’s Christmas time so we have some new features to share with you!


The first feature we are releasing is Contacts. Now you can save multiple contacts on your customers (name and email address). This is really helpful when you need to interact with multiple people within a company.


Multiple Recipients

Sending emails has also been simplified. When sending you simply check the names of the people you want as recipients. Now it’s possible to send to more than one person at once. When we send automated emails we send to all of the contacts marked as Primary.


Custom Titles for Estimates and Invoices

Estimates and invoices now support custom titles. We hope this helps you better organize your estimates and invoices and find what you are looking for faster. Titles are for internal use only and will not be seen by your customers.


The Invoiced team wishes you happy holidays!

Jared King Avatar
Jared King

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