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Custom SMTP

Reliable email delivery is key when it comes to online billing. If a customer never receives your invoice, how can they be ex...

Reliable email delivery is key when it comes to online billing. If a customer never receives your invoice, how can they be expected to pay it?

We spend a lot of time worrying about email deliverability at Invoiced and making sure we are following all of the latest best practices (DKIM, SPF, DMARC, etc). Yet, in 2016 it is really hard to reliably deliver email to a stranger on someone else's behalf. It's not just small SaaS vendors like us that are struggling. The big players are having trouble with email delivery too.

Just to clarify, the problem is not with sending the message, but where it ultimately ends up. Did the email make it to the recipient's inbox or did it land in their spam folder? Or even worse, is the email in limbo for hours because the recipient's email provider does not trust the message?

Sending to corporations is the cause of most sending woes on Invoiced. The reason is that a corporation is more likely to have strict firewall and spam filter policies. In the past we've solved this by asking that your customers whitelist in their spam filter. Certainly not the most ideal solution!

Today we are releasing a new feature, for all paid plans, that will allow you to send customer emails through your own email server or account. All we require to get started is that you supply us with the SMTP interface for your email system.

How? Head over to Settings > Emails to enter in your SMTP gateway. You can also read more about it in the email docs.

Automatic Collection Mode

Once set up, email will be sent to your customers from your business email address instead of If there's any problem when sending through your email server then we'll failover to our email infrastructure to ensure your messages are always delivered.

We hope this release helps improve delivery of your emails and makes your business appear more professional to customers. If you have any questions about sending then you can reach us at

Happy invoicing!

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