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Items Inventory and Flexible Late Payment Reminders

It’s Friday, and there are new features on!Items

It’s Friday, and there are new features on!


One of our most common requests is for Invoiced to remember your inventory of products and services. It’s easy to see why: not having to repeat commonly invoiced items is a massive time saver. With Items you only have to input item details and pricing once.

This new feature can be set up in Settings > Items. Once you have added an item you can reference it in an Estimate, Invoice, or Plan. Simply begin typing its name and a dropdown menu will appear. Once you select an Item the line will be prefilled with its details. All that’s left is to input a quantity. You will still be able to input items normally if you do not use this feature.


You can read more in depth about Items here.

Flexible Late Payment Reminders

Previously we would send out late reminders 1 week after an invoice becomes overdue (when enabled). We have added a new setting in Settings > Emails that allows you to specify how many days (with 7 days being the default) before we send a payment reminder email to your clients.

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