Scaling New Heights 2018 will be awesome. Join us there!

Published on May 12, 2018

The Woodard Company’s annual accounting conference, Scaling New Heights, is always a great opportunity to learn how to leverage the power of Intuit products – and more specifically, QuickBooks Online and Enterprise. We’re really excited to attend this year, as the main theme for the conference is “Taming the Machines”.

Why “Taming the Machines”? There are some massive technology shifts taking place across the business sphere that employ new capabilities like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and our favorite – automation. The Scaling New Heights conference aims to educate attendees on these topics and how they will transform the discipline of accounting for the better.

Within that theme of “Taming the Machines”, Scaling New Heights has a few sub-themes that really resonate with us. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to: “Leverage the Machines”, to take full advantage of all technology has to offer, and how to “Transcend the Machines”, to shift more towards strategic, advisory work.

Our focus at Invoiced is to provide our customers with automation that reduces manual effort, freeing up precious time for strategic activities. We’re excited to hear what Scaling New Heights has to say about how to accomplish these goals. Here are a handful of sessions we’ll be joining to learn more:

Embrace the Machines: Why I Am Optimistic about the Future (and You Should Be, too) Review the history of technological innovation and how it has improved our lives. Learn predictions on how emerging technologies will leverage automation to continue on that path – and provide us with more strategic questions to ponder.

How to Grow and Scale Your Accounting Firm In order to grow efficiently, accounting firms must make the leap from a few employees to a bigger staff. This means dropping manual processes for automated workflows. Walk away from this session with a better understanding of how growth will impact your business.

Emerging Technologies Consider this session a crash course in technological advancements like machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence. You’ll learn what they are, why they are important, how they work, and tips on how to apply them.

Everyday Ethics in an Age of Artificial Intelligence If we transfer much of our current responsibilities to machines, how will they handle ethical questions? What can (and should) we teach them about ethical decision-making, and which decisions should stay with humans? Consider these questions and many others in this session.

Challenging Our Own Thinking about the Nature of Disruption This final session of the conference will help attendees synthesize the new information they’ve learned, move past any anxiety about change in the industry, and take home applicable learnings and put them in place in their business.

Join us at one of these fascinating sessions from June 17-20, 2018, at the Scaling New Heights conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

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