Invoicing System
Billing management that can accommodate complex invoice generation, unique revenue models and more.
Subscription Billing System
Fully automated and configurable collections capabilities to reclaim your team's time and focus
Online Payments
Flexible, powerful payment acceptance tools complimented by innovative cash application technology.


Legal billing is complicated. Make it simple with Invoiced.

We get it: legal billing is a complex beast. Invoicing happens based on tiny increments of time, which are difficult to track, or flat fees if you’re lucky. Filing and other miscellaneous fees must be clearly separated. Federal regulations dictate the way you handle trust versus operating accounts. So many rules!

Your clients need flexible payment options in order to afford your services. And you? You and your bookkeeping staff need easy access to create invoices, view payment history, and share visibility with your clients in a professional manner.

Enter Invoiced, our cloud-based invoicing platform that make it easy for your legal business to get paid. We take all that complexity and boil it down to simple processes that you can set and forget. Here are a handful of capabilities Invoiced offers to make your job easier:

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Make Invoiced fit your needs—not the other way around. Create per-attorney invoices, build a catalog of fees, and produce accurate account statements.

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Payment Plans

Create and manage payment plans for ultimate flexibility. Invoiced automatically collects and tracks installments as they become due.

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LawPay Partner

Accept client payments with the LawPay platform to separate trust and operating funds, while automating invoice reconciliation.

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Stay informed of your firm’s financial health. Run reports on payment intake by attorney, balances due by clients, and cash flow forecasts.

What Our Customers Say

Faster payments, time savings, and reduced billing errors.

And what can you achieve with these functions? Faster payments, time savings, and reduced billing errors. Just check out these stories from Invoiced legal clients Immigrant Law Group PC and Meltzer Hellrung LLC.

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