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Introducing Custom Domains and Email Whitelabeling on Invoiced

Security threats are persistent throughout our online world.  You probably see the headlines every day.  Whether it is the re...

Security threats are persistent throughout our online world. You probably see the headlines every day. Whether it is the recent WannaCry Ransomware attack, Facebook and Google losing $100M to imposters posing as vendors, or the Target credit card breach of 2013, hackers are targeting individuals and corporations at every opportunity.

There are numerous ways to protect yourself from fraud, and Invoiced now offers an additional option in the form of custom domains and email whitelabeling.

If you’re currently using Invoiced’s standard functionality, both the portal address that your customers see and the no-reply emails they receive are on an Invoiced domain -, for example. With custom domains, our customers can now update the portal address and email functionality to reflect their own domain. If your domain is, your custom domain would become And to top that off, any emails sent through the Invoiced platform would come from your email address, instead of our no-reply email address.

So how do custom domains and email whitelabeling provide protection? They allow customers to quickly verify the identity of the sender. Accounts payable staff can deal with hundreds of invoices per month, and they generally have online tools to manage those payments.

Using custom domains and email whitelabeling, they can easily see that the invoice is coming from your email address and your domain - instead of wasting time on the phone to verify the sender, thus delaying your payment. And you get the added benefit of displaying your own branding in the invoicing process, so the focus continues to be on your business (not ours).

As part of each custom domain, Invoiced provides SSL certification for end-to-end encryption. You can also choose to purchase an EV certificate as well, for an added layer of security.

Want to learn more about setting up your own custom domain? Review our pricing comparison page for more information, and contact us when you’re ready to upgrade.

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