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Is the cost of B2B commerce your productivity?

You purchase things every day with the click of a button. Why is B2B commerce decades behind B2C? 

B2B transactions are complex, with a lot of moving parts. Buyers and sellers have their own technology, processes, communication tools, and payment platforms. It’s no wonder B2B companies fall back on manual, inefficient processes.

That’s where we come in.

Are you on Invoiced?

We connect business to business on a secure, verified network. Reduce fraud and vendor impersonation with the most secure way to send invoices and payments and store documents.

Effortless invoicing and payments

Invoiced is where buyers and sellers come together to make B2B happen–invoices, quotes, orders, payments, and more. It’s a better way for finance teams to connect, collaborate and manage transactions.

Automation that does the work for you

Reap the rewards of time and cash with customizable workflows for manual A/R and A/P processes. Easily onboard vendors, simplify approvals and streamline payments. The fastest, most accurate way to send, process, and approve invoices.

Boost your productivity with Invoiced

Join a network with built-in collaboration that integrates with your accounting system.

Eliminate manual accounting processes and unify A/R and A/P.

Deliver invoices or make payments on a secure platform that prevents invoice fraud and vendor impersonation.

Thousands of businesses run on Invoiced.

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