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Jared King

I am happy to announce that Invoiced is now available to the public as of today!

Invoiced was created with the goal of helping small business become more effective at billing. Since our first release 6 months ago, we have helped many small business owners do exactly this. Please accept my thanks as Invoiced would not have reached this milestone today without your help.

Along with this announcement is a release of some new features!

Better Payment Methods

The way that payment methods are handled has been overhauled. We now allow you to specify multiple payment methods that you accept, like Stripe, PayPal, bank transfer, cash, check, and more. If you wish to receive online payments then we support Stripe and PayPal, and now both simultaneously. The new payment methods are visible when to the customer in the Client View. You can update your payment methods in Settings > Payments

Client View

Clients can now view invoices online. A link is included in the e-mail and also available when editing the invoice (Client View on the left). This makes the invoicing experience more professional and allows you to offer a better billing experience to your clients.

Improved Payment Flow

As part of the new Client View, we now show the payment methods you accept. The client will see a Pay Online and Pay Now with PayPal buttons if you have enabled either Stripe or PayPal.

Invoice Templates

Sometimes it is necessary to have different invoice formats for different occasions, whether it is for a quote or invoicing in multiple languages. Invoice templates help address this by allowing you to create additional templates besides the default one. Create and update your invoice templates in Settings > Invoices

Currently all that can be changed on invoice templates is the wording. In the works is the option to customize invoices even further.

Late Payment Reminders

I had to remove the old payment reminders feature. It was not well thought out and occasionally annoying. Instead, I have added an opt-in late payments reminders feature that can be turned on/off for all of your invoices in Settings > Company. There is also the ability to disable late payment reminders on a per-invoice basis.

Late payment reminders will send an Unpaid Invoice e-mail every week once an invoice is overdue. The e-mail template, along with all the others, can be changed in Settings > Emails.

What’s next?

I do not consider Invoiced to be finished. If anything, it feels like we have just reached the starting line where the best has yet to come. I look forward to continuing to improve Invoiced to help you run your business with more ease.

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Jared King

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