Custom performance data at your fingertips

Powerful, real-time reports across your company’s entire invoice-to-cash lifecycle, plus cash collection forecasting and multi-entity reporting. Choose from dozens of pre-built templates or build custom reports to fit your needs.

Pre-Built Reports

Invoiced lets you know everything that’s happening at both a summary dashboard level as well as offering dozens of specialized, included reports on overall A/R performance, collections, payments and sales.

Invoiced A/R Analytics
Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Collection Forecasting

With all the data Invoiced gathers on invoices, autopay, payment plans, promises-to-pay and customer payment history, we’re able to deliver high accuracy forecasting on when you’ll receive payments.

Advanced Reporting

With our optional Advanced Reporting add-on, your team can create and save virtually limitless custom reports based on hundreds of object and field types and even write custom queries to answer your most burning A/R performance questions.

Custom Reporting
Consolidated Reporting

Multi-Entity Reporting

For businesses with multiple entities, subsidiaries or regions, it isn’t always easy to understand what’s happening at both the full company level AND the individual business unit level. That’s why Invoiced offers multi-entity filtering and aggregation options for generating reports.

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