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Invoicing System
Expedite your invoice-to-cash cycle by making it easier for customers to pay.
Subscription Billing System
Subscription Billing
Powerful subscription billing capabilities for unlocking predictable revenue growth.
Online Payments
Payment Plans
Grow revenue by allowing customers to pay you back in installments.
Online Billing Portal
Customer Portal
Give customers a 360-degree view into their relationship with your business.

Case Studies

AJ Tutoring

Aaron Andrikopoulos and Joe Niederman launched AJ Tutoring with the goal of transforming education for students in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the next decade, their small company expanded into a large-scale operation. Find out how Invoiced helped them overhaul cumbersome invoicing processes to achieve time savings, collections efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction.

Dexter Solutions

Over the last 100 years, Dexter Solutions grew from a small printing press to a large printing company, weathering several acquisitions and buyouts in later years. Each corporate change increased complexity as staff attempted to integrate new tools into legacy systems. Learn how Invoiced helped Dexter Solutions plug self-service customer billing into their existing business architecture.

Flick Electric

Flick Electric is shaking up the New Zealand electricity market with their innovative pricing structure and customer-centric focus. They’ve gone from zero to tens of thousands of customers in a few years. Learn how the Invoiced platform allows Flick to scale their billing operations as customer growth soars.

Immigrant Law Group PC

Immigrant Law Group is a group of human rights lawyers based out of Portland, Oregon that defends the rights of immigrants and their families. They strive to make their services affordable to all potential clients by offering payment plans. Learn how the Invoiced platform slashes Immigrant Law Group’s time spent managing payment plans by 70%.


JumpCrew is a rapidly growing integrated sales and marketing technology company. They turned to Invoiced to help modernize, automate and accelerate billing and collections processes.

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