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Invoicing System
Expedite your invoice-to-cash cycle by making it easier for customers to pay.
Subscription Billing System
Subscription Billing
Powerful subscription billing capabilities for unlocking predictable revenue growth.
Online Payments
Payment Plans
Grow revenue by allowing customers to pay you back in installments.
Online Billing Portal
Customer Portal
Give customers a 360-degree view into their relationship with your business.

Cash Application

Automatically match payments with invoices and balances.

Congratulations on getting paid! But what did you get paid for? With our powerful cash application capabilities, now you can automatically help payments find their homes.

Whether they're coming from your bank feed, BAI files, spreadsheets or our innovative virtual lockbox service, it's never been easier to get payments applied—and start applying yourself to more pressing tasks.

Smart Cash Application

CashMatch AI™

Use our proprietary recommendation algorithm for instant matches between unapplied payments and invoices or balances.

Virtual Lockbox

Have check payments automatically opened, scanned, deposited and matched with invoices or balances. (Requires a Checkstream account)

Cash Application Rules

Configure your own automation rules for matching unapplied payments with invoices.

Multi-Invoice Application

Easily apply unapplied payments to balances across multiple open invoices, with short-pay and over-pay options.

Remittance Advice Acceptance

Automatically detect and process remittance advice.

Free up time spent on invoice generation.

Flexible billing options for all business models.

Bank Feed Import

Bank Feed

Get a continuous, filtered stream of payment deposits.

Check Lockbox Integration

Virtual Lockbox

Easily view and apply checks received by mail.

Wire Transfer Reconciliation

File Upload

Upload unapplied payments data via BAI file or spreadsheet.

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