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If you’re a user of QuickBooks Desktop, you’re probably well aware of the awesome accounting features it offers. Flexible data entry tools, sophisticated job costing functions, robust reporting capabilities, and complex inventory management are just a few of the reasons customers rave about QuickBooks Desktop.

But the one downside to QuickBooks Desktop is, well, the fact that it lives on a desktop computer. While it’s quite convenient to be able to access QuickBooks Desktop without an internet connection, it limits other benefits that QuickBooks Online customers receive - like frequent software updates, secure data backups, and integrations with partner platforms.

At Invoiced, we’re always striving to extend our sophisticated invoicing capabilities to as many customers as possible. So in addition to our existing QuickBooks Online integration, we’re excited to announce that QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise customers can now connect directly with Invoiced.

Given that QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise are implemented differently than Quickbooks Online, the process is slightly different - but still very straightforward. Simply download a QWC file, retrieve your password, and enter that password into Invoiced’s web connector. Users can choose to sync manually or enable Autosave for updates.

So what do QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise customers get out of this new connection? Here are some of the major benefits:

Sync invoicing and accounting data

Using the Invoiced connection with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, customers can push invoicing data from Invoiced to their QuickBooks instance - and vice versa. This connection can be enabled as needed or automatically per the user’s preference, and eliminates the manual work involved in copying invoice data back to an accounting system.

Additional payment gateways

With QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, users have access to only one payment gateway. Invoiced offers access to a variety of payment gateways, and reconciles payments from those additional gateways to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

Online customer portal

Invoiced offers a user-friendly customer portal that houses all historical customer invoicing records in one secure location. That means no more searching for emailed QuickBooks Desktop invoices sent via email, and plenty of opportunities to extend the business’s brand presence through portal customization.

Robust invoicing automation

For QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise users with high invoicing volumes, the addition of Invoiced’s sophisticated capabilities really seals the deal. Customers can take advantage of complex configurations like subscription billing and payment plans, with custom features like trial periods, prorations, time-based discounts, auto-scheduled late fees, and other non-trivial logic.

Want to learn more about the QuickBooks Desktop integration with Invoiced?

Browse the Invoiced page on the QuickBooks featured applications site or the QuickBooks Desktop section of the Invoiced documentation hub.

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Parag Patel

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