Customer Spotlight: Wire Media acquires automation and ease-of-use with Invoiced

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Amy Hardison White

Wire Media is a branding and design firm for non-profit groups and mission-driven companies. They specialize in visual storytelling and data design, and provide clients with a whole host of tools to make their work easier.

It all started many years ago, as the internet was in the process of becoming ubiquitous. Marcy Rye, Principal and Owner of Wire Media, transitioned from her previous work in print graphic design to web design and technology. As she moved from print to web design, Rye decided to build out a staff to accommodate her efforts and focus on a specific type of client.


“My team and I are trained in web development and design, and we’ve decided to give back by using our powers for good,” said Rye. “We are defined by the clients we choose to work with, which are mainly non-profits, advocacy groups, and educational organizations.”

When Rye started her business, she initially built her own invoicing system in a program called Filemaker Pro. “It worked well and it was simple, but we quickly outgrew it,” she said.

After her customized system was no longer useful, she turned to traditional accounting software with an invoicing function - which didn’t meet her needs either. “We’ve used accounting software for a long time, and frankly, I don’t care to use it,” said Rye. “ The interface is clunky, and it’s hard to use for non-financial people.”

Rye ran into several challenges when trying to invoice her clients through her accounting software. It was difficult to use, which made it time-consuming and frustrating, and there was no automation available. “The biggest administrative issue was remembering to do it at the right time,” said Rye. “I’d get all caught up in business development and marketing my projects, which leaves little time for invoicing.”

In early 2015, Rye began searching for a better way to invoice her clients. Her main criteria were ease of use, what she calls “common sense” features, and a reasonable price point.
Invoiced met all her criteria - and then some. She’s a fan of many Invoiced capabilities, including:

Invoice scheduling

Rye can schedule invoices in advance to go out on specific dates. She might have a contract for multiple months, and she can take each month’s invoice and schedule them all upfront. “Fantastic - I don’t have to remember to do it,” said Rye.

Automated invoice chasing

Rye can further automate her invoicing processes by setting up automatic chasing. This process creates a series of timed email reminders to be sent out to clients who haven’t paid. That means no more manual reminders to clients to who are behind on payment.

Product catalog

Rye can easily create a set of products that each have a different price using Invoiced’s catalog functionality. This allows her to easily select from a list each time she creates a new invoice, rather than typing out the same information every time.

Recurring billing

For clients who are on retainer, Rye can set up recurring or subscription billing for the duration of their agreement. Clients are billed on recurring basis, and Rye can tailor fee types and payment terms to meet each client’s needs. It’s another way she can set up Invoiced - and then forget about it.


Wire Media’s account director takes advantage of the estimates functionality to quickly and easily provide clients with a quote. The account director writes the estimate, the client approves through Invoiced, and the estimate is quickly converted into an invoice ready for payment. “It’s a nice, efficient process in one place,” said Rye.

Stripe integration

Wire Media can seamlessly accept credit card payments and wire transfers using the integration between Stripe and Invoiced. Their Stripe and Invoiced accounts are automatically connected, so Stripe payments can be collected through Invoiced and reflected in their Stripe account. “Having the credit card option available means we get paid sooner rather than later,” said Rye.

“Invoiced is super easy to use,” said Rye. “I love the interface and design, and the automated processes set my mind at ease. The Invoiced team is also insanely responsive to feature requests and bug reports. They really provide that extra ‘wow’ factor that you don’t get with other companies.”

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Amy Hardison White

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