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JumpCrew leaps out of spreadsheets and into modern billing and collections

JumpCrew is a rapidly growing integrated sales and marketing technology company. They turned to Invoiced to help modernize, automate and accelerate billing and collections processes.

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JumpCrew is a rapidly growing integrated sales and marketing technology company.


Marketing Agency


Consolidating multiple tools and workflows in one simplified solution that would also be scale-ready.


Invoiced's end-to-end accounts receivable automation system substitutes, improves and accelerates JumpCrew’s previous assortment of tools and processes.


JumpCrew has doubled its collections within the first two months and enjoys a better experience for both staff and clients.


Nashville, TN

The Problem

JumpCrew is a rapidly growing integrated sales and marketing technology company. The company helps its clients integrate sales and marketing to accelerate business growth. JumpCrew also acquires and digitally transforms publishing and media companies using their proven methodology and technology stack. As it grew its own business, JumpCrew found itself struggling to keep up with billing and collections. They were managing much of their accounts receivable processes and information with spreadsheets and email, but as they reached a new stage of maturity they knew they needed an end-to-end system that was as cutting edge as JumpCrew’s award winning solutions.

Additionally, the companies that JumpCrew acquired had many customers paying in very different ways—JumpCrew needed to be able to handle a variety of workflows, accept payments, track payments and more within a complete solution.

Furthermore, all of these challenges were compounded by the company’s rapid growth. JumpCrew needed a solution that could scale and grow with them.

The Solution

As a company that prides itself on innovative technology and, more importantly, results, JumpCrew turned to Invoiced to help modernize, automate and accelerate its billing and collections processes.

A unified billing and collections architecture

Because JumpCrew had previously acquired several businesses, each with their own accounting systems, billing tools, workflows and client expectations, special care needed to be provided in migrating data, training the team and reorienting clients. Invoiced’s customer success team collaborated with JumpCrew to make the implementation, migration and training as smooth as possible for all involved.

A transparent and simple payment experience for clients

JumpCrew knew that changing accounts receivable tools and processes would mean some level of change for their clients. But how could they make that change pay off for their clients? Invoiced was able to provide a clear and dramatic improvement to JumpCrew’s client experience by providing a new level of visibility and transparency with respect to billing. JumpCrew’s customized payment portal, powered by Invoiced, gave its clients the convenience of being able to use multiple payment methods as well as manage subscriptions, view billing and payment history, comment on invoices and set up AutoPay.

A solution that can scale with growth and change

Perhaps most importantly, because of Invoiced’s extremely flexible and customizable features and APIs, JumpCrew now has a solution that can scale and adapt to the company’s business and processes as it changes and reaches new stages of growth.

For example, if JumpCrew enters a new business segment where billing communications for new segment clients need to be handled differently from those of its other clients, they can easily create and assign new reminder sequences using Invoiced’s highly flexible Smart Chasing Engine. If JumpCrew were to reorganize its business units into separate operating entities, Invoiced’s multi-entity support would make it easy to seamlessly transition billing and collections. As JumpCrew expands into other regions domestically and internationally, Invoiced is well ahead with the ability to handle an expansive variety of multi-currency, tax and compliance scenarios.

The Results

Faster payment

The change in payment velocity JumpCrew experienced was almost overwhelming at first. According to Raphael Mahpour, JumpCrew’s Senior Manager of Accounting Operations, “we had a few scenarios where customers were on payment plans and just decided to pay off their entire balances in full because of how easy and transparent the Invoiced experience was.” In addition, cash collections doubled within the first two months, and overall speed to collect significantly improved.

Improved reporting

JumpCrew made extensive use of Invoiced’s custom fields capability, which was instrumental in organizing their billing and collection workflows. But even more valuable was the ability to filter by those custom fields to produce a wide assortment of billing and collection reports across business units. The ability to export and analyze data in this way had the dual benefits of both saving time gathering and organizing data as well as producing more valuable intelligence.

A better user experience for staff and clients

In addition to recognizing measurable business benefits, JumpCrew was able to provide a contemporary and even enjoyable payment and billing management experience for clients as well as its own internal staff. According to JumpCrew’s Mahpour, “the best way to describe Invoiced’s cloud based, multi-user environment is actually ‘fun’. Instead of being clunky like most other accounting software, Invoiced is smooth and sleek - and a pleasure to work out of.” For clients, JumpCrew found the Invoiced-powered payment portal to be a game changer. From the intuitive user interface to the ability to associate comments and attachments with any invoice, keeping track of every customer, bill, balance, transaction and interaction was suddenly a breeze. In addition, because Invoiced is a cloud based solution, JumpCrew’s geographically distributed team members were able to collaborate on accounts receivable seamlessly

Overall efficiency

By automating and accelerating billing and collection processes it follows that JumpCrew was able to increase its overall efficiency as a business. As one example, the company previously needed one accounts receivable agent dedicated to each business unit. But now, in some cases, they are able to cover their billing and collection activities with one agent for every two business units, effectively doubling the productivity of accounts receivable staff. Being able to assign a single rep to multiple business units performing the same task across those groups has been recognized as a major gain in efficiency.

According to JumpCrew, being more efficient doesn’t mean needing less people in the company though; it means being able to accomplish more with the same team. JumpCrew’s Mahpour says it best: “It’s not about eliminating jobs for us. It’s about making the roles we already have higher impact, growing as a business and enabling ourselves to accelerate hiring in some cases.”

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