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JumpCrew doubles staff productivity and accelerates collections with Invoiced

For Raphael Mahpour, JumpCrew’s Senior Manager of Accounting Operations, a flexible, cloud-based Invoiced solution was the key to unlocking greater speed, performance, and efficiency in the agency’s accounts receivable (A/R) operations.


A leading digital sales and marketing company, JumpCrew specializes in driving revenue and growth for businesses of all sizes.
Marketing Agency
JumpCrew needed an end-to-end A/R platform to manage its growing billing and collections demands as its business expanded.
The team worked closely with JumpCrew to migrate data and deploy Invoiced to automate A/R, which streamlined and accelerated the agency’s receivables operations.
With the Invoiced, JumpCrew significantly increased its collection speed, improved its overall business efficiency, and enabled greater collaboration among staff members.


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The challenge

A rapidly growing innovator, JumpCrew helps businesses integrate marketing with sales to achieve revenue objectives. As the agency expanded, its billing and collections demands increased, making it challenging to manage A/R with manual processes, spreadsheets, and email.

In addition, JumpCrew had acquired several business entities, each with its own accounting system, billing tools, and client expectations. The company needed to be able to accommodate a variety of different workflows for accepting and tracking payments. 

JumpCrew’s leadership realized that a new stage of business maturity required a new, end-to-end A/R platform on par with its own award-winning solutions.

The solution

As an organization that prides itself on innovative technology and, more importantly, real business results, JumpCrew determined that Invoiced was the best solution to help modernize, automate, and accelerate its billing and collections processes.

To accommodate the specific requirements of each newly acquired entity, special care needed to be taken in migrating data, training the teams, and reorienting clients during solution deployment. Invoiced’s customer success team worked closely with the company to make the implementation, migration, and training smooth for all involved.

Invoiced also collaborated with JumpCrew to:

  • Provide a better billing experience. Changing A/R tools and processes meant some level of change for all JumpCrew clients. To make that change pay off, Invoiced provided a clear and dramatic improvement to the customer experience by offering a new level of billing transparency.
  • Roll out a customized payment portal. Powered by Invoiced, the new payment portal allows customers to use multiple payment methods, manage their subscriptions, view billing and payment history, comment on invoices, and set up AutoPay.
  • Establish scalability for future growth. With extremely flexible and customizable features and application programming interfaces (APIs), Invoiced’s solution is designed to scale and adapt as processes change and the company reaches new stages of growth.

“We had a few scenarios where customers were on payment plans and just decided to pay off their entire balances in full because of how easy and transparent the Invoiced experience was.”

Raphael Mahpour, Senior Manager of Accounting Operations, JumpCrew

The results

After implementing the Invoiced solution, JumpCrew experienced an immediate uptick in payment velocity. Along with significantly improving its overall speed in collecting payments, the company doubled its cash collections within the first two months.

“We had a few scenarios where customers were on payment plans and just decided to pay off their entire balances in full because of how easy and transparent the Invoiced experience was,” says Raphael Mahpour, JumpCrew’s Senior Manager of Accounting Operations.

Additional business benefits for JumpCrew include:

  • Enhanced reporting and business intelligence. Staff members can filter by custom fields in the Invoiced platform to produce a wide assortment of billing and collection reports across business units. The ability to export and analyze data in this way saves time and produces more valuable intelligence
  •  Improved user experience. With the Invoiced platform, the company provides its team with a contemporary—and even enjoyable—payment and billing management experience.
  • Better collaboration. JumpCrew’s geographically distributed team members are able to collaborate on A/R efforts seamlessly.
  •  Greater efficiency. By automating and accelerating billing and collection processes, JumpCrew improved its overall efficiency as a business. Now, in some cases, the company is able to cover A/R activities with one agent for every two business units, effectively doubling the productivity of its staff.

According to JumpCrew, streamlining processes and performing A/R more efficiently doesn’t translate into staff cuts; it means being able to accomplish more with the same team. “It’s not about eliminating jobs for us,” says Mahpour. “It’s about making the roles we already have higher impact, growing as a business, and enabling ourselves to accelerate hiring in some cases.”

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