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Dexter Solutions automates with Invoiced and enhances the customer payment experience

After decades of expansion and several acquisitions, Dexter Solutions relied on various tools and processes to support its business operations, including its accounts receivables (A/R) workflows. Chief Financial Officer Jon Mobley and his team selected Invoiced to automate and streamline A/R, reduce the workload for staff members, and provide customers with a better payment experience.


Founded in the 1920s as a small printing press, Dexter Solutions now creates scalable print and promotional product programs to help companies drive down costs and accelerate time to market.
Dexter Solutions needed to update its A/R operations with a high-powered platform that would provide its customers with an online payment portal and ease the administrative burden for its finance team.
The Invoiced solution’s robust billing capabilities met all of the finance team’s requirements; now, the company offers its customers a professional and modern online payment experience.
With the launch of Invoiced, an increasing number of Dexter Solutions customers have shifted from mailing checks to paying online, lightening the A/R-related workload for the company’s finance staff and service representatives.


Online Payment Portal




Invoice Templates

The challenge

Dexter Solutions’ evolution from a small press to a large printing company involved several acquisitions and buyouts over the decades. Each transition introduced new systems and platforms, leaving the organization with various tools and processes underpinning its business operations, including its A/R workflows. 

Dexter Solutions’ finance team generated invoices in one of the company’s multiple ERP systems to bill customers, sending them out via email or postal mail. Invoice recipients mailed in check payments or called to pay using a credit card; the company then manually processed these payments and reconciled them in the appropriate ERP platforms.

Along with the overwhelming amount of work required on the back end, Bobbie Masterson, Technical Solutions Manager for IT at Dexter Solutions, was concerned about the customer billing experience. “We wanted to give our customers the power to self-serve,” he says. “The workload on our finance and customer service teams was just not sustainable anymore.”

The solution

Dexter Solutions’ finance team created an exhaustive requirements list for a new A/R solution, including an online customer portal, customizable invoice templates, online payment processing and invoicing, and invoice tracking. A cross-functional group within the company evaluated numerous invoicing platforms, determining that Invoiced’s robust solution checked all of the boxes.

“Invoiced met all of our customer-facing billing needs during the discovery process,” says Jon Mobley, Chief Financial Officer for Dexter Solutions. “It’s the best fit for the systems we are currently using.”

Over the next six months, Dexter Solutions cleansed customer data and built connections between its internal systems and the Invoiced platform. With the solution deployed, the company provides its customers with an online billing portal that securely processes digital payments, offers subscription billing with time-based discounts, and allows them to download invoice copies and payment receipts.

“Invoiced has given us the online presence we needed to provide customer self-service options. Our eyes are open to new possibilities, and we’re excited to continue to migrate our customer base to Invoiced’s robust platform.”

Jon Mobley, Chief Financial Officer, Dexter Solutions

The results

Dexter Solutions successfully digitized and streamlined its billing and collections processes with the Invoiced software. Now, invoice creation automatically triggers an email from the Invoiced platform to the end customer, who can securely pay the bill online. After payment processing takes place, the customer can view the transaction and download a receipt from the portal.

With the launch of Invoiced, Dexter Solutions has seen an increasing number of customers shift from mailed paper checks to online payment methods. The customer service team has also experienced a significant reduction in the number of inbound calls and email messages it receives related to billing.

“Invoiced has given us the online presence we needed to provide customer self-service options,” says Mobley. “Our eyes are open to new possibilities, and we’re excited to continue to migrate our customer base to Invoiced’s robust platform.”

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