The Accounts Receivable Automation Cheat Sheet

Get ready to automate your accounts receivable (A/R) operations with our quick reference guide.

When you automate your A/R, you can count on getting paid faster, drastically reducing time spent on billing and collections and freeing up your staff for other projects. It sounds ideal, but knowing where to start the process can take time and effort. To help you get oriented, our cheat sheet covers A/R from end to end, providing a complete listing of the functionality you should look for when choosing an automated solution.  


  • The core components of the A/R process: billing, collections, payment acceptance, cash application, reconciliation, and tracking and forecasting
  • How you’ll benefit from automating each A/R component
  • The automated capabilities you need to support all aspects of the A/R workflow

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The Accounts Receivable Automation Cheat Sheet

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