State of B2B Payments 2024:  Acceleration, Automation, and AI

Money moves fast! 

From metal and paper to digital bits, the way we exchange value has evolved. Payments must be quick, simple, and rock-solid in the fast-paced world. Unfortunately, in business-to-business payments, credit and payment delays are normal.

So, how do finance teams compete with 30-90-day payment windows? Smarter, faster payment solutions. Welcome to the cutting-edge of B2B payments in 2024!


  • The evolution of payments and the unique landscape of B2B transactions
  • Current trends, market size, and the players shaping B2B payments
  • Explore the tech revolutionizing payments
  • Uncover the diverse ways businesses are settling accounts
  • Navigate the complex world of financial regulations and compliance standards
  • Predictions and insights on the future trajectory of B2B payments
  • Businesses that are leading the way in innovative payment solutions
  • Key takeaways and the road ahead for B2B payments

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