Why Business Leaders Are Prioritizing A/R Automation

Find out why A/R automation is at the top of the priority list for C-suite executives.

IT complexity once presented an obstacle for companies hoping to streamline and automate financial workflows, but tools and technologies have evolved with demand. As a result, key financial functions—including A/R—are at the top of the list for C-suite executives implementing automation strategies. Read our paper to discover why business leaders prioritize A/R automation and what you can expect when you transform your own A/R operations.


  • The business value A/R automation delivers for the enterprise
  • The key accounting metrics that A/R automation improves
  • A software provider’s A/R transformation that reduced its average Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 20 days

With an Invoiced automation solution, fundraising software provider iWave enhanced its customers’ billing and payment experience, freed its accounting team from manual A/R tasks, and reduced its average DSO from 50 to 30 days.

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