A/R Solutions for Utilities Companies

Utility companies support millions of people. So should their billing platform.

Utility companies literally never stop because they're way too busy supporting a massive volume of customers, issues, and infrastructure. Troubleshooting problems, dealing with outages, managing service teams, and providing critical services to their customer base are the key priorities.

With that level of volume and complexity, a subpar billing and invoicing system can cost millions in terms of duplicate work, man hours lost, and eventual customer cancellations. It's no longer necessary to have employees manually key billing data from one system or customers having zero visibility into their historical statements. A modern accounts receivable system for a utilities company can drive breakthrough efficiencies and tame the chaos.

Utility customers and employees need a user-friendly utilities billing and payment system that provide instant visibility into current and historical invoice data. Management needs a system that can scale without manual effort, handle complex billing structures, and connect to other internal systems.

Luckily, Invoiced's cloud-based invoicing platform meets these needs—and then some. System crashes due to high volume are now a thing of the past and all of your internal and customer information can be made readily available. Invoiced can help set up your utilities A/R system to mitigate issues, scale for growth, and create a superlative customer experience.

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Flexible Pricing Models

We understand the importance of flexible pricing models for a utility company's billing system. That's why Invoiced offers usage-based and metered billing, giving utility companies the flexibility to bill a varied, exact amount for each cycle, depending on the needs of the area and customer.

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Customer Portal

Now utility companies can cultivate a great user experience. Invoiced's billing portal allows end users to log in, view current and past invoices, make payments, download receipts, and update payment information—all in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. We can help you keep your customers happy and mitigate the need for customer service overhead.

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Easily assign access levels to sensitive customer data. Customer service reps only need access to a limited set of billing data to help customers, while managers and executives need system-wide access. Invoiced's application permissions let you dictate who sees what.

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Payment Methods

Multiple payment methods help to increase billing success. We give customers the option to pay using direct debit, credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay—we support them all, and we add new methods based on customer request. Connect your existing payment processing platforms with Invoiced to automatically sync online payments with invoices.

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System Integrations

We make system integrations easy for utility companies. Need to connect Invoiced with your accounting software, payment platform, or ERP? Invoiced provides connections to a wide variety of platforms, and we're adding new ones every day.

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Get more control over your utilities and billing platform. Connect to the Invoiced API for manual tasks that don't scale. Push and pull invoices, target outstanding bills, filter customers based on payment history, and upload account credits.

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Faster payments, time savings, and reduced billing errors.

These capabilities have many benefits— drastic time savings, reduced billing errors, and a better customer experience, to name a few. Just check out this success story from Invoiced utility client Flick Electric Co.

Don't take our word for it — check out these stories from Invoiced clients:

Learn more about how Invoiced is the ultimate game changer for Flick Electric Co.

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