Amy & Eliav gains efficiency and faster payments with Invoiced

Published on June 19, 2017

Amy & Eliav makes a variety of sustainable, hand-crafted goods – clothing, handbags, and dog accessories, to name a few. They strive to create a sense of luxury in everyday items that are made to last in an environmentally-friendly way.

Co-founders Amy Cosson and Eliav Meltzer both studied fashion, and launched Amy & Eliav in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. In early 2017 they launched in New Zealand, with a series of pop-up shops in Auckland to determine where they want to settle down and open a brick & mortar store.

When the business first launched, Meltzer was using a template for wholesale customer invoices. They would customize the template, save it as a PDF, and send it out to each wholesale customer.

“We were using Google Sheets to track everything. Emailed PDF invoices would get lost, there was no user-friendly customer interface – it was completely unorganized,” said Meltzer.

Meltzer also attempted to use the company’s accounting software for invoicing, but the interface was not advanced enough to make day-to-day invoicing smooth and easy.

After a handful of Google searches, Meltzer found an article on 10 different cloud-based business applications. Invoiced ranked highly on the list, so he decided to try it out. “I immediately fell in love with the user interface,” he said.

Meltzer was looking for an easy, cost-effective user interface. He found that with Invoiced – and then some. Invoiced features and functionality that make his life easier include:

Easy visibility for problem-solving and diagnostics. Previously, Meltzer would have to search through emails for customer communications on invoices. With Invoiced, everything is in one place and easy to find.

“We recently had a wholesale customer who didn’t know if he had paid his bill. We were able to log into Invoiced and see his payment and all correspondence related to it. Just having easy access to that information is really valuable.”

Meltzer also enjoys the ability to see when his customers viewed their invoice, how long it takes specific customers to pay their bills, and when payments are coming in at a high level. “The dashboard feature helps us understand the broader picture and make decisions,” added Meltzer.

Using the product catalog to reduce repeated manual work. Many of Amy & Eliav’s wholesale customers place the same orders month after month. Instead of adding the same products manually each time, Meltzer enters custom products to the Invoiced catalog. Then he easily selects from the catalog to add to each invoice.

Meltzer also leverages the Invoiced catalog to create quotes using the Invoiced estimate functionality. “We frequently generate quotes for developing a jacket or a pair of pants, and can pull directly from the catalog into an estimate for the customer,” said Meltzer.

Getting paid 70-80% faster than previous methods. With the Invoiced/Stripe integration, Amy & Eliav wholesale customers can pay directly from the Invoiced link, which has greatly accelerated payments.

Knowing that Invoiced scales with the business, if necessary. “The transition to high volume is very easy. If we get 100 orders in a week’s time, we know that Invoiced can handle it.”

“Invoiced isn’t purely an invoicing application – it provides a whole range of features,” said Meltzer. “We can now track payments and forecast based on real data, all with an easy, integrated experience for our wholesale customers.”

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Published on June 19, 2017

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