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Accounts Receivable Pros Get Their Own Day on March 7th.

Celebrate National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day on March 7, 2019. Here are all the details you need to know!

Here at Invoiced, we wake up every day to reduce the effort and time it takes for businesses to get paid on outstanding sales. For that reason we have an extraordinarily close-up view and appreciation for all of the tasks, workstreams, pitfalls and frustrations that go into the art and science of A/R. For many people who work in A/R, billing or collections, the work is often challenging and seldom recognized internally (let alone externally). And yet it's accounts receivable performance that determines how successful businesses are at actually bringing real money in the door.

For those and many more reasons we got to thinking: shouldn't there be more recognition for the people and practice of accounts receivable? Since the answer to that question was an obvious "yes", we wanted to find a way to have not just our own small company in Austin, Texas show our appreciation - but to get as many others as possible to help provide some long overdue recognition for accounts receivable professionals and the work they do.

After researching the options we decided to formally establish National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day, officially registering the day with The National Day Archives. We want National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day to be not just an in-name-only day but a true celebration, full of all the honor and traditions befitting this critical business function. This day of recognition will be observed on the 2nd Thursday of every year, starting with March 7th of 2019.

We encourage everyone, whether you're an accounts receivable professional or not, to check out all the details on this long overdue day at its official website.


National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day Details

Official Announcement Invoiced Officially Announces First Ever National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day
Inaugural Observance March 7, 2019
Annual Observance 2nd Thursday of March
Official Day Website
National Day Archives Registry Link


We also want to acknowledge these individuals and organizations who are supporting the establishment of National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day and have generously lended their voices to the cause:

Bill Balduino
President and Chief Operating Officer
The Credit Research Foundation

Frank Sebastian
Director of Credit Services
adidas INDY

Rob Reid
Executive Vice President and Managing Director
Sage Intacct

Ernie Martin
Founder and Managing Director
Receivable Savvy

We at Invoiced want to thank everyone involved that's a part of accounts receivable, billing and collections. We know how painstaking your work is, and we have your back!

Please enjoy celebrating National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day safely, and be sure to share your best A/R stories at

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