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Published on March 10, 2020

When CMIT Solutions of Downtown Chicago’s President, Jeremy Treister, was looking to get accounts receivable automated and under control, he researched and evaluated many solutions, including But he couldn’t quite find a solution that met all of his key requirements.

For Treister, the most important criteria were:

  • The ability to present the customer with a clear and accurate invoice in a simple and professional format.
  • A branded, easy-to-use customer payment portal
  • Automated communications and reminders
  • Effortless syncing and reconciliation with his accounting system, QuickBooks.

We were fortunate to sit down with Treister when he visited our Austin HQ. Here’s what he shared about why he chose Invoiced for accounts receivable automation and his experience with it so far:

Treister was also intent on finding a solution that would be reliable, as he had previously tried out other solutions that were rife with errors and outages – an enormous problem when you’re collecting payments from customers and one that had previously done damage to CMIT’s reputation.

The Solution

In a perfect world, Treister could simply set up a accounts receivable automation and walk away, only to be notified if specific items needed his or his team’s attention. No syncing, no sending, no fuss. That need was especially important because billing and collections issues often ended up with sales representatives, who should have been focused on selling so that they could then generate more collectible revenue.

In Invoiced, Treister found an accounts receivable automation solution that exceeded his requirements. CMIT has Invoiced seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online, and their customers have an easy, professional payment experience. But most importantly, collections no longer had to be part of someone’s job. It’s now simply automated, and the CMIT team can carry on with higher-impact work like selling and servicing customers.

The Results

The results of using Invoiced for accounts receivable automation so far have been outstanding:

  • DSO reduced by 10 days and continues to drop as more customers adopt ACH payments
  • Saves hours every week of valuable time
  • Better customer service by using the included Invoiced payment portal

According to Treister, making the move to Invoiced was one of his best recent technology decisions, and he believes businesses could be missing out if they haven’t already tried it. “Companies that are sending Invoices out of QB, especially professional services firms need accounts receivable automation,” he said. “Anyone that’s doing regular invoicing for services or projects on a regular basis shouldn’t be spending so much time on billing and collections when Invoiced can be doing that work for them and getting a better result.”

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Published on March 10, 2020

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