Customizable Templates and the Invoiced API

Published on December 4, 2014

Today we are excited to kick off our Developer Program and release Customizable Templates! Invoiced is being opened up for developers to build custom integrations into your business. If you are a developer we want to extend an invitation to you to join our Developer Program. We are here to help you build integrations with Invoiced, whether for your business or for your clients.

Check out our Developers page for more information.

Customizable Templates

We realize the stock templates do not suit every business so we are releasing a new feature to fix that. Now any estimate, invoice, or receipt template can be customized to look however you desire.

These customizations are possible by giving you full control over the CSS and HTML, which can be edited in Settings > Templates > Edit > Appearance.



The highlight of the Developer Program is our REST API. With the API you will be able to plug Invoiced into your workflow on any platform or device. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities like making invoices or receipts automatically from payments coming through your payment processor or connecting to your CRM. You probably know better than we do how you could use an API so we are excited to see what you come up with.


Since the API is brand new we are releasing it as a beta. We want to get it into your hands first and improve from there.

Happy invoicing!

Published on December 4, 2014

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