Improved Pricing (Fall 2015)

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Jared King

We’re making some important changes to our pricing. One of the frequent complaints we heard about our pricing was that the jump between the pricing tiers was too rigid and did not scale well. If you needed just a few extra invoices then you would have been upgraded to the next tier, which might have been too expensive of a jump. Instead, we are now going to charge a small amount for additional invoices beyond the monthly amount included in your plan.

Under our new pricing issuing additional invoices cost just 50 cents each. In some places that’s cheaper than a stamp!

What’s more is that we’re upping the limits on our current pricing tiers:

Freelancer - $9/month, 10 invoices, single user

Startup - $29/month, 50 invoices, up to 5 users

Growth - $99/month, 200 invoices, unlimited users

A new pricing calculator has been added to our Pricing page to quickly calculate how much Invoiced would cost based on your expected invoicing volume.

We prominently display your current month’s invoice usage in the dashboard and send you a notification once you have reached your plan’s limit. Any additional usage within a calendar month is charged once on your next monthly bill or at the start of the next month if you are on an annual plan.

What about existing customers?

When we changed prices in the past we have always let existing customers stay on their current plan. This is not changing. Existing customers are welcome to stay on their grandfathered plan. However, if you are on a grandfathered plan and exceed your monthly invoicing limit then issuing any additional invoices will cost 50 cents each.

When does this go into effect?

You can enjoy the increased limits today. Although the price points have remained the same you may want to downgrade or upgrade to account for the increased limits.

On December 1, 2015 we are going to start charging for extra invoices. If you invoice more than your plan supports in October or November then you get a free pass.

We’re always open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Feel free to let us know what you think of this change. Happy invoicing!

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Jared King

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