Accounts Receivable Pros Get Their Own Day on May 19th

Published on May 8, 2020

Here at Invoiced, we are singularly focused on reducing the effort and time it takes for businesses to get paid. For that reason we have a unique vantage point and view into all of the tasks, workstreams, pitfalls and frustrations that go into the art and science of A/R. For many people who work in A/R, billing or collections, the work is often challenging and seldom recognized internally (let alone externally). And yet it is accounts receivable performance that determines how successful businesses are at actually bringing real money in the door.

2019 was the inaugural year for National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day. But this year the day of observance couldn’t be more important. In the current economic environment, with many businesses struggling to get paid, Accounts Receivable professionals are on the front lines of helping companies collect, so that they can continue to make payroll and maintain healthy overall business operations. We salute their efforts and therefore encourage everyone, whether you’re an accounts receivable professional or not, to celebrate with us on May 19th, and be sure check out all the details on this important day at the official website:

This year we are also fortunate to be joined in celebrating National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day by many of the world’s leading financial and accounting brands including American Express, Sage Intacct, The Credit Research Foundation, Avalara, GoCardless and CollBox.

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We at Invoiced along with the other supporters want to thank everyone involved that’s a part of accounts receivable, billing and collections. We know how painstaking your work is, and we have your back!

Please enjoy celebrating National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day safely, and be sure to share your best A/R stories at

National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day Details

Official Announcement Invoiced and Leading Finance and Accounting Brands to Celebrate National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day
Day of Observance May 19, 2020
Inaugural Observance March 7, 2019
Official Day Website
National Day Archives Registry Link


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