Per Customer Pricing

Published on March 28, 2016

Invoiced has always been about the customer. Today we are updating our pricing to reflect this. Invoiced is now priced per customer, instead of per invoice, and we have increased the monthly quotas as well.

Our new pricing tiers:

Startup – $29/month, 50 customers

Growth – $99/month, 500 customers

Business – $249/month, 2,000 customers

We only count customers actively billed in a calendar month towards the customer quota to save you money. Additional customers cost just 50 cents each. You can see the full details on our Pricing page.

Why the change?

One nice property about this change is that it does not cost more if you bill your customer more than once per month. For example, if you billed every week this means you no longer have to pay 4 times more than billing once per month.

Also, after talking with many businesses we learned that it was more natural to think in terms of customer base size instead of invoice volume. We want this pricing change to reflect that Invoiced is made for growing businesses, and will scale with you as your business grows from an idea to MASSIVE.

What about existing Invoiced customers?

As with all previous pricing changes, existing customers will be kept on their current plan, and are welcome to stay on that plan.

When does this go into effect?

You can enjoy the increased limits today. Although the price points have remained the same you may want to downgrade or upgrade to account for the increased limits.

We’re always open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Please feel free to reach out. Happy invoicing!

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