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Customer Spotlight: PixPie simplifies customer billing with Invoiced

Pixpie offers customers an image compression tool as a plug-in to Wordpress. Service is free for up to 500 compressions per m...

Pixpie offers customers an image compression tool as a plug-in to Wordpress. Service is free for up to 500 compressions per month, and anything over 500 compressions per month goes onto a paid plan. After launching the image compression plug-in, founder Dmitry Osipa faced a big challenge when trying to figure out the invoicing process.

“In order to bill our paying customers for the plug-in, we would have to write our own code for Stripe and create our own invoices,” said Dmitry. “The integration process for billing and invoicing was pretty cumbersome.”

Rather than create and manage this workflow himself, Pixpie team did some research and found Invoiced via Google search. Invoiced was the first platform they tried.

Pixpie team chose Invoiced because of the easy setup and beautiful design. Invoiced has an existing integration with Stripe, so all they had to do was connect those two accounts. “The design was very professional looking, which is exactly what we want to present to customers,” said Dmitry.

Pixpie also takes advantage of the following benefits of Invoiced:

Dmitry sets up recurring billing for customers, as the image compression service operates on a subscription basis. He sometimes uses the coupon feature to offer discounts to new or existing customers.

The sign-up pages feature of Invoiced allows Pixpie customers to set up their monthly subscription themselves. “I can link to the sign-up page right in Wordpress, and customers can enter all their information for the subscription,” said Dmitry.

In the future, Dmitry plans to set up a new integration using Invoiced’s API.

“Invoiced took what could have been a complex process and made it simple,” said Dmitry. “We are really happy with the service and its’ ability to simplify invoicing for us.”

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