Customer Spotlight: strongDM launches Invoiced with one-click onboarding

Published on March 3, 2017

Today we’re launching the first post in our Customer Spotlight series. Every few weeks, we’ll showcase an Invoiced customer to learn more about their invoicing challenges, and how Invoiced helped them overcome obstacles. This month, we talked with strongDM about their Invoiced experience.

strongDM makes it easy to enforce strict data governance with one platform to control access to any database. Customers like Hearst Publications and MakeSpace rely on the strongDM platform to grant, revoke and monitor employee access to sensitive data.


“Clients choose strongDM because we make their lives easier,” said Elizabeth Zalman, CEO and Co-founder.

With such a laser focus on transparency and ease of use, it comes as no surprise that strongDM would want the same for themselves in their invoicing management systems.

elizabeth-strongdmPrior to using Invoiced, the strongDM finance team was managing the billing process manually – generating a one-off invoice for each customer, sending it out via email, and following up with repeated phone calls for outstanding accounts. “It was a highly inefficient process that was distracting from the core function of our business,” said Zalman.

This time-consuming process prompted the search for an invoicing platform. strongDM’s key requirements were a customer-friendly, intuitive interface that could handle onboarding and subscription billing with automated workflows.

“Invoiced delivered in spades,” said Zalman. “They’ve built an impressive product that provides a convenient experience for our clients.”

Through the Invoiced platform, strongDM is now able to offer one-click onboarding to their clients through an easy-to-use interface, with clear status notifications for both internal strongDM employees and clients.

And not only that – strongDM has been greatly impressed with the responsiveness of the Invoiced team. Within the first few weeks of using Invoiced, the strongDM team requested 2 additional pieces of functionality that would allow them to reduce the onboarding process from 2-3 clicks to one click. These 2 features were delivered in a matter of weeks, allowing strongDM to implement one-click onboarding.

“We were thrilled with Invoiced’s quick turnaround on features and the ability to automate this process,” said Zalman.

As a result of launching Invoiced, strongDM received the following benefits:

  • They spend 20% less time managing the billing and invoicing processes.
  • The average days outstanding per invoice has dropped by 30%.
  • The improved customer experience reduced the number of customer support questions by 25%.

“The Invoiced team has been an incredible partner,” said Zalman. “We are continually impressed with the product and the team’s responsiveness to customer feedback.”

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Published on March 3, 2017

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