Redesigned Client Portal, Company Usernames, and More

Published on February 3, 2014

Today I would like to announce some new features available on Invoiced.

Redesigned Client Portal

Initially the client portal was more of an afterthought. As more customers began using the client portal it became time to do something about it. As a result, we just rolled out an entirely new design that looks and performs better!

With this new design the goal was to give your customers the best possible experience so they can do what they came to Invoiced for: pay you. The client portal includes a landing page (yourusername.****), ability for clients to view invoices and quotes, download PDFs, make payments with Stripe and PayPal, and download a receipt after a successful payment. An increased effort was made to show off your branding while giving your customers assurance that they are in good hands. The client portal now looks great on all kinds of devices: from the biggest desktop screens to the smallest smartphone and everything in between.


Company Usernames

Every company on Invoiced now gets its own username for an easy-to-remember client portal URL. For example, if your company has the username, dundermifflin, you can now send your customers to to view and pay invoices. All client portal URLs are contained within your unique Invoiced URL. Usernames can be changed in Settings > Company.

Customer #s

Each customer you create on Invoiced now gets a customer #. Just like Invoice #s you have the option to choose your own, as long as it is unique, or you can let us generate one for you. Another small improvement is that the next invoice # or customer # will appear when creating new invoices and customers.

Shipping and Discount Lines

Invoices and quotes can now have discounts and shipping applied. They can be toggled on the right under Options > Fields when creating/modifying an invoice. Also, tax has been made an optional field. Discounts can be a percentage or flat rate, which is perfect for those awesome customers who deserve a discount.


There is a significant speed increase now when generating PDFs (~77% faster) and the resulting file is much smaller (~186% smaller).

I would like to give a big thanks to you for being a part of Invoiced. It is through your patience and feedback that we are able to improve our service for all to benefit. Happy invoicing!

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