picture of an invoice
Learn about pro forma invoices, an invoice type that can remove the element of surprise from your sales efforts and avoid stress.
dollar bills
A guide to understanding AR, including its role, benefits, key formulas, location on a balance sheet, examples, and more.
man standing in an office and reviewing documents
Here’s why you might have a negative accounts receivable balance. Hint: It doesn’t always mean you have negative cash flow.
graphic of a receipt coming out of a phone
Discover the benefits of having a payment portal for your customer, plus more on how to use invoicing and payment portal with Invoiced.
blocks with letters MRR on a pile of gold coins
Learn how to calculate, understand, and manage your monthly recurring revenue with this guide to MRR via subscription billing.
online fraudster
Learn about common types of invoice fraud, how to avoid falling for these scams, how to report fake invoices, and more.
graphic of a hand holding a magnet that's attracting coins
A guide to help you increase your business’s working capital, whether you’re short on funds or simply want to improve your bottom line.
stack of bills with coins floating around it
Liquidity ratios are metrics that help investors and creditors assess a company’s financial health. Calculate yours and learn if it’s good.
days sales outstanding graphic
DSO helps business measure the average number of days it takes to receive payment for goods provided or services rendered. Here’s why that matters.
plus and minus cubes on a balanced scale
Explore the meaning and uses of contra accounts — accounts that provide helpful context for the parent account with which they’re paired.

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