Hands holding a device reflecting AI in payments
The use of AI in payment processing is becoming more widely adopted – learn exactly what it is, how it’s used, its benefits for digital payments, and more.
Learn how to track and calculate the most important accounts receivable KPIs you need to measure your business’s success. Includes examples.
Revenue recognition
Learn when exactly revenue is fully recognized according to GAAP, the 5 steps for revenue recognition, and how you can simplify revenue recognition.
What EBITDA is
EBITDA is a metric that measures a company’s overall financial performance. Learn what it stands for, its significance, how to calculate, & more.
National Accounts Receivable Day
This year, celebrate accounts receivable professionals who help your business run smoothly on National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day.
What to include on an invoice
Each invoice needs to include specific details, but that can vary depending on the type of business. Learn what to put on each type of invoice here.
What is working capital
Working capital tracks the funds required to meet a business’s expenses. Learn more about how to understand what your business has vs. owes.
hand stacking coins on a game board
Working capital management reflects the actions that your business may take to more effectively use its cash and resources. Learn more here.
illustration of a hand holding coins
Dunning management focuses on financial recovery efforts related to failed transactions, most commonly credit card purchases. Learn more.
two business professionals shaking hands
Discover what vendor relationship management is, why it’s important, and the top strategies on how to improve it.

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