A/R in Healthcare

Put healthcare collections on auto-pilot, and focus on your first priority: Patients

The ultimate goal of healthcare is to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals. So why are you spending so much of your time on back-end billing processes?

Healthcare billing and collections can be complicated and time consuming. Basic healthcare software tools are customized to meet the needs of practice management, but they don't always meet your requirements when it comes to healthcare invoicing. And, we know that patients who vitally need your services can't always pay upfront —they need flexible payment structures in order to pay over time.

That leaves you to manually send out invoices, manage custom payment terms for clients in need, track down outstanding balances, and a whole host of other healthcare billing-related activities. It's a huge time-sink, and no one wants to do it.

Luckily, Invoiced can help. Our platform and solutions accommodate varied payment structures and billing automation systems that are perfect for the healthcare industry—allowing you to set up billing processes once and easily monitor them going forward. You spend less time worrying about your healthcare payment system and your patients won't have to worry about when they need to pay and how much.

Modern healthcare billing and collections tools

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Payment Plans

Payment plans take your services from out-of-reach to affordable, bringing new patients through your doors. Use the Invoiced interface to easily create and manage healthcare payment plans for ultimate patient flexibility. Our versatile healthcare payment system allows you to modify payment plans during their term, add discounts and coupons to incent on-time or early payment, and view the total balance due.

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Collection Tools

Put as much of your healthcare payment process on auto-pilot as possible using features like our automated invoice chasing, AutoPay, and scheduled payment plans. Let our automated system do the follow-up for you —you'll decrease outstanding receivables and save time in the process. Our healthcare collection tools have been proven to improve user experience and increase collection success rates.

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Customer Portal

Invoiced's customer portal allows your healthcare patients to log in, enable AutoPay for payment plans, view current and past invoices, make payments, download receipts, and update payment information —all in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Healthcare payment and collections systems that use a customer portal will help to cut down on customer service overhead and provide a superior user experience.

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Payment Methods

Our diverse offering of payment methods makes collections easy for you and your patients. Allow your patients to pay using a variety of formats —direct debit, credit cards, PayPal, or Apple Pay, further increasing the amount and consistency of payments. Connect your existing payment processing platforms with Invoiced to automatically sync online payments with invoices, streamlining the accounts receivable for you and your staff.

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HIPAA Compliant Healthcare A/R

Accounts receivable can be tricky in the healthcare industry. Medical care providers need to ensure that their billing and payment systems follow HIPAA compliance in order to protect their patients’ sensitive medical information.

Invoiced’s healthcare A/R solutions are built to be HIPAA compliant, ensuring that your patient’s information will be safeguarded throughout the A/R process.

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Here are some real-life examples from successful Invoiced clients:

I get much lower fees for credit card transactions than we were getting with paypal's invoicing feature. They also have a nice feature where I can see if a customer has viewed an invoice, and if they have trouble paying it it is easy to followup."
- Brendan W.
Health, Wellness and Fitness
-Been with them since day one.
-Easy integration with my payment processor.
-Automated follow up."
- Sam N.
Health, Wellness and Fitness

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