What to include on an invoice
Each invoice needs to include specific details, but that can vary depending on the type of business. Learn what to put on each type of invoice here.
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Working capital management reflects the actions that your business may take to more effectively use its cash and resources. Learn more here.
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Dunning is a process that helps businesses handle overdue payments from their customers. Learn how to best handle the dunning process here.
AR Collection Call Scripts: What to Say and How to Say It
Collection calls can be uncomfortable and getting them right requires effort before you pick up the phone. Learn how to be successful here!
Discover whether accounts receivable is an asset or liability, the reasons behind it, and how to maximize your A/R process.
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Cash application is the process of applying incoming payments to the corresponding unpaid invoice or outstanding account balance. Learn more.
cash conversion cycle
Companies can improve their cash flow and liquidity by shortening the cash conversion cycle. Here are five ways to reduce it.
Accounts receivable management involves tracking and securing customer payments. Learn how to improve the process with these best practices.
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Learn about pro forma invoices, an invoice type that can remove the element of surprise from your sales efforts and avoid stress.
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Here’s why you might have a negative accounts receivable balance. Hint: It doesn’t always mean you have negative cash flow.

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