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Today more than ever businesses are using software to organize themselves.  One piece of software that is super easy to use and easy to learn is Trello. Trello lets you literally organize everything and anything.   This flexibility can lend itself quite nicely when you need a system to organize your entire business.

Here at Invoiced Jared and I rely on Trello not only to organize our personal work to do lists, but we use it to organize every aspect of Invoiced.  Here are our boards.


Before going further you should know Trello has 3 concepts boards, lists, and cards.


Boards:  represent one aspect of your business like marketing, sales, customer feedback and satisfaction, business growth, and product/service development.  You can also use them to represent your or your team's current to do list or current team work.

Lists:  further cut a board into different aspects and concepts.  For example the customer feedback and satisfaction board could have the following lists, “major complaints”, “helpful suggestions”, “things customers really love”.

Cards: are concrete  items that fall under lists. For example the “things customers really love” list might have the following cards (if the business was in house cleaning) “being early to the service call”, “giving customers truthful feedback on the best cleaning products”, “recommending and suggesting the next customer appointment”.

At Invoiced we have a board called “current team work.”; this board keeps track of what we are currently working on.   Every week we enter in a new list for that week pertaining to the work that will be done that week.  We enter every work item in that list.  Here is what is looks like.


Here is what our “product development” board looks like.


Our “tools and services”


There are also public boards that you can play with.

For further reading please head over to the Trello Blog.

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Parag Patel

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