Learn how to track and calculate the most important accounts receivable KPIs you need to measure your business’s success. Includes examples.
bad debt expense
Learn about bad debt expenses, allowance for doubtful accounts, how to calculate and handle bad debt, and how to reduce its occurrence in your A/R.
invoice factoring
Invoice factoring can help companies improve cash flow. Discover how it works, the advantages and disadvantages, and alternatives to invoice factoring.
Revenue recognition
Learn when exactly revenue is fully recognized according to GAAP, the 5 steps for revenue recognition, and how you can simplify revenue recognition.
What EBITDA is
EBITDA is a metric that measures a company’s overall financial performance. Learn what it stands for, its significance, how to calculate, & more.
early payment discount
Offering early payment discounts can improve cash flow but first you need to understand the types, benefits, drawbacks, and how to use them properly.
National Accounts Receivable Day
This year, celebrate accounts receivable professionals who help your business run smoothly on National Accounts Receivable Appreciation Day.
stacks of coin money increasing
To improve your accounts receivable, you’ll want to standardize your invoicing and collections, leverage AR aging reports, simplify payments, & more.

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