invoice factoring
Invoice factoring can help companies improve cash flow. Discover how it works, the advantages and disadvantages, and alternatives to invoice factoring.
Revenue recognition
Learn when exactly revenue is fully recognized according to GAAP, the 5 steps for revenue recognition, and how you can simplify revenue recognition.
What EBITDA is
EBITDA is a metric that measures a company’s overall financial performance. Learn what it stands for, its significance, how to calculate, & more.
early payment discount
Offering early payment discounts can improve cash flow but first you need to understand the types, benefits, drawbacks, and how to use them properly.
stacks of coin money increasing
To improve your accounts receivable, you’ll want to standardize your invoicing and collections, leverage AR aging reports, simplify payments, & more.
Accounts receivable for small businesses
Learn everything you need to know about small business accounts receivable from how to manage it to the challenges you may face and how to solve them.
What to include on an invoice
Each invoice needs to include specific details, but that can vary depending on the type of business. Learn what to put on each type of invoice here.
piggy bank key on a keyboard
Dunning is a process that helps businesses handle overdue payments from their customers. Learn how to best handle the dunning process here.
Discover whether accounts receivable is an asset or liability, the reasons behind it, and how to maximize your A/R process.
2 puzzles pieces conjoining
Cash application is the process of applying incoming payments to the corresponding unpaid invoice or outstanding account balance. Learn more.

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