text reading days payable outstanding
DPO is an A/P metric that tracks how much time passes between when your business receives an invoice and when it pays it. Learn more here.
stack of bills with coins floating around it
Liquidity ratios are metrics that help investors and creditors assess a company’s financial health. Calculate yours and learn if it’s good.
days sales outstanding graphic
DSO helps business measure the average number of days it takes to receive payment for goods provided or services rendered. Here’s why that matters.
plus and minus cubes on a balanced scale
Explore the meaning and uses of contra accounts — accounts that provide helpful context for the parent account with which they’re paired.
Permanent accounts indicate ongoing business progress. Temporary accounts indicate activity within a certain fiscal period. Learn more here.
pile of money representing retained earnings
Learn more about retained earnings, the leftover profit available to your business after you’ve paid shareholder dividends.
Learn about cash on delivery in the B2C and B2B world and how it can help smooth business processes and build customer trust.
ropes connecting to a center point
Invoiced breaks down the basics of ERP integration in this quick and easy guide, explaining what you need to know in simple terms.
kpi blocks on a numbered background
Gain an understanding of what KPIs matter for your A/P department, including quick access to the formulas you need to calculate them.
Learn how to assess your business’s financial health by measuring and analyzing your accounts receivable processes.

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