The Best Free Premium Tools For Businesses Part I

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Here at Invoiced we use some of the best tools for our business.  We would like to share the tools we use with other businesses.

Most of the tools we use are free to get started with, but also scale with your business.  Though they are initially free, they are still premium and the best in class.

Internal Business Communication

Slack is the best tool to communicate within your business.  Slack allows your team to reduce the number of e-mails being sent internally.

Slack also allows you to create topic specific communication channels such as #general, #random, #marketing.  This will keep internal communication on point categorized by topic.

There are tons of integrations with other applications and it really easy to get started.

Marketing E-mails

MailChimp is a best in class tool for sending marketing e-mails.  It handles many things such as bulk sending of e-mails, visual e-mail template and campaign design, unsubscribing users, email stats (how many users opened the e-mail and clicked on links within the e-mail), tells you who your best subscribers are, and allows you to schedule the delivery of the emails.

Sending marketing e-mails can be tuff and MailChimp handles all the small details that would otherwise be very tedious and difficult.

Customer Support

GrooveHQ helps you handle customer support by handling your support related e-mails.  It creates a simple customer support ticketing system, that lets you optimize how you handle  and track customer support e-mails.

One of the best things about GrooveHQ is you can directly reply to the customers e-mail from your e-mail address.  You can also integrate GrooveHQ with slack and create a #customer-support channel, allowing your team to view all the new customer support tickets that have come in through Slack.

Optimizing and improving your website

Optimizely lets you A/B test your website.  Which basically means compare different versions of your website and pick which one gets the most clicks or visitors.

You can setup campaigns and after a period of time Optimizely will tell you which website design is the best.  It very easy to implement and get started.

Improving and growing the traffic on your website

Sumome allows you to increase the links, and referrals through social media.  You simply install it on your webpage or blog and just watch has it automatically grows your traffic by allowing your customers and visitors to easily share your content.

Sumome takes a few minutes to setup and is very easy to install.

Understand and analyzing the traffic to your website.

Google Analytics allows you in detail to see how much and where the traffic to your website is coming from.  It also allows you to see how many people are on your website in real time, and it can give you detailed demographic and location information of your visitors.

You can set it up to see where the user clicks the most and how they move across your website.

Chatting with customers/visitors in real time on your website.

Zopim allows you communicate with people who visit your website in real-time.  This means that any potential questions they might have can be addressed right when they have those questions, instead of them waiting and forgetting.

It can help improve the conversion rate of people who are visiting your website, in becoming your new customer or client.

Best commenting system for your blog or website.

Disqus is the best commenting system that can you have for your blog or website.  It allows your users to see the comments on your content in a visual appeal ing manner, and gives them the ability to sort the comment by popularity.

It helps improve engagement on your content and can also increase the search engine ranking for that specific content.

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