New Research from Invoiced and CFO Dive: The Financial Automation Imperative

Published on January 15, 2020

Today, in partnership with CFO Dive, we’re excited to unveil “The Financial Automation Imperative” research report. This expansive survey of 450+ finance and accounting professionals reveals important information about their perspectives, plans and priorities regarding automation technology.

Download the full, free report now.


The full report can be downloaded for free here. Here are some of the top takeaways:

  • Improving productivity, reducing human error and refocusing staff time on strategic work are the top expected outcomes of financial automation
  • screenshotsCash flow related automation technologies (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable) have the highest adoption levels at 49% and 47% respectively. These two areas also earned the highest satisfaction levels among those using them, indicating strong maturity relative to other categories of financial automation.
  • The ability to integrate with other systems is cited as the most important decision driver when considering purchasing financial automation technology.
  • Reporting/forecasting and accounts receivable are the top automation priorities with 45% and 44% of respondents respectively indicating those categories as high or very high priority.

But there are so many more important insights that you’ll want to have handy for what will be a pivotal new year for finance and accounting professionals. Download the report for free today!



Download the full, free report now.


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