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Why Every Business Should Use SumoMe On Their Website and Blog

We at Invoiced love using SumoMe free share tool.  It gives us the ability to share content and free tools and have the poten...

We at Invoiced love using SumoMe free share tool.  It gives us the ability to share content and free tools and have the potential of reaching virility through social media.

Here at Invoiced we wanted to promote and to grow traffic on our blog and our free invoicing tool.  When you want to grow traffic, there are generally a couple of ways to do.

The most obvious way is to increase your search engine ranking through SEO.   However increasing SEO has recently become really hard, and while you still need to do it, you have to look at other ways of increasing traffic.

The next way we thought about increasing traffic is through social media.  Social Media gives us the ability to reach a whole class of users in places that search engines just cannot go.

Promoting content on social media; the traffic quickly dies down after the promotion ends.  SumoMe has solved this problem by letting you embed share buttons on your blog or homepage.

The beauty of this approach is that each blog post now has the inherent ability to go viral.  Every time someone shares your content, few people will click on it, and some of those people will share the content through SumoMe and so on.

SumoMe is also friction less as possible.  It does not get in the way of your content and is dead simple to setup; took us less than 10 minutes using their WordPress plugin.

SumoMe also has some other tools besides the share button.  Scroll Box is another awesome tool, however we haven't really done anything with it.

We are still using SumoMe free tier.  Since using SumoMe we have seen a huge increase in traffic on our blog and our free tool website.

It has completely satisfied us, however we plan on upgrading to high tiers as we grow larger.  We are also considering using some of their other tools in the future as well.

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