What is working capital
Working capital tracks the funds required to meet a business’s expenses. Learn more about how to understand what your business has vs. owes.
online fraudster
Learn about common types of invoice fraud, how to avoid falling for these scams, how to report fake invoices, and more.
dollar bills flying off a stack of money
Discover important cash flow management terms, strategies, and monitoring tools for optimizing the flow of money in and out of your business.
text reading days payable outstanding
DPO is an A/P metric that tracks how much time passes between when your business receives an invoice and when it pays it. Learn more here.
hands holding an old-fashioned clock on a yellow background
Here are the top signs it’s time to automate mundane accounts payable processes and free up your A/P staff to focus on what matters.
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Stay on top of what’s happening with accounts payable to ensure your team follows new best practices and keeps ahead of the curve.
kpi blocks on a numbered background
Gain an understanding of what KPIs matter for your A/P department, including quick access to the formulas you need to calculate them.
Get insights into 3-way matching, including how it works, useful examples, why it’s important, and how to make it more efficient with automation.
2 matching puzzle pieces on a yellow background
Get insights into 2-way matching, aka purchase order (PO) matching, including the steps and how it differs from 3- and 4-way matching.
A/P challenges disrupt cash flow, can damage supplier relationships, and demoralize AP teams. Find out how to avoid them here.

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